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We have produced an underground style map of the cycling network of Freeways and Quietways. There is a further level of local routes that is not in the TopTube map but will mean that every household in Bristol is only a short distance away from the cycling network.

WHOLE ROUTE HERE: https://goo.gl/maps/VYAz1qr2yfpW97Tf6

Freeways The most direct route with the best gradient for cycling in Bristol is usually along a main road. These routes already carry the largest number of cyclists. They must be comprehensively adapted to become high quality, continuous routes for cycling. There are radial and orbital Freeways on the TopTube map.

F1 Portway A4
F2 Whiteladies/Westbury Road A4018
F3 Gloucester Road A38
F4 Fishponds Road A432
F5 Church Road A420
F6 Bath Road A4
F7 Wells Road A37
F8 Bridgewater Road A38
F9 Weston Road A370
F10 Inner Loop
F11 Inner Middle
F12 Outer Middle
F13 Northern Loop
F14 Outer Ring
Quietways Quietways are pleasant largely traffic-free routes that extend through the city and surroundings with clear signing. Bristol already has an extensive network of these including the ‘Greenway’ routes such as Concorde Way, Frome Greenway and Festival Way, and of course the Bristol Bath Railway Path. These are the Quietway routes on the TopTube map.

Q1 Westbury Quietway
Q2 Concorde Quietway
Q3 Frome Quietway
Q4 Bristol Bath Railway Path
Q5 Wesley Quietway
Q6 Whitchurch Quietway
Q7 Malago Quietway
Q8 Festival Quietway
Q9 Pill Quietway
Q10 Promenades Quietway
Q11 North Fringe Quietway
Q12 Yate Quietway
Q13 Knowle Quietway
Q14 St Anne’s Quietway
Q15 Purdown Quietway
Q16 Trym Quietway
Local Links Every neighbourhood will have a walking and cycling plan for ‘safe routes to school’, ‘safe routes to work’ and ‘safe routes to shop’. These local plans will set out to make every street a cycling street.

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