The Bristol Cycling Manifesto

Freedom to Ride!

Cycling brings considerable benefit already to everyone in the city. It is quick, cheap and pollution-free. Shifting from cars to bikes reduces congestion and improves people’s health. But it has the potential to do far more. We are ambitious for a future where Bristol and the surrounding areas are alive with people on bicycles, because cycling is so easy that everyone does it. Our communities will be happier, healthier, greener and more civilized.

Tens of thousands of people already enjoy cycling in Bristol. There are tens of thousands more who would like to join them, but they need to be confident that it’s safe and easy.

That’s why this Manifesto calls for a comprehensive Cycling Network* so that cycling is valued, easy and convenient. This will give thousands more people the freedom to ride!

When you sign our petition supporting the Manifesto you’ll be challenging local leaders to take the five steps to make it happen:

Set a Target to quadruple cycling by 2025 to 20% of travel and 30% of trips to work.
Fix a Plan to achieve the target and deliver a comprehensive cycling network by 2025
Invest the Money to deliver the plan, with £16 per person each year minimum
Manage the work through a multi-skilled team for joined up action across all areas
Use an inspirational Cycling Commissioner to lead from the front.
Please support the manifesto & sign the petition:

  • If you and your family want the Freedom to Ride bikes to school and work
  • If you want Bristol to be alive with people on bicycles and walking
  • If you think cycling in Bristol should be so easy that everyone does it
  • To join with thousands of others asking for change
  • To ask for action from the Mayor and local politicians
  • Our Concise Bristol Cycling Strategy sets out how it can be done (unbelievably, we’ve covered it all in two pages and a map!). The petition will demand a response and a full Council debate to put cycling centre stage.

Ask all your friends, family and work colleagues to sign. Together we can give everyone the Freedom to Ride!

  • The Cycling Network will cover every road and street. Main routes around and into the centre will be ‘Cycling Freeways’ high quality, continuous, direct and often segregated. The network of pleasant ‘Cycling Quietways’ will be expanded and linked. Every area will become a ‘Cycling Neighbourhood’ with 20mph limits and great access for cycling and walking.
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