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Bristol Cycling Manifesto

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Cycling is great for Bristol, let's make Bristol great for cycling!

Cycling in Bristol is quick, cheap and pollution-free - why don't more people do it?

Shifting from cars to bikes cuts congestion and improves people's health - why is investment so low?

More trips are by bike in Bristol than in any other major UK city and thousands of others are out on their bikes every day. There are tens of thousands more who would join us, but they need to be confident that it's safe and easy - where is the comprehensive cycling network for Bristol covering every road and street?

The Bristol Cycling Manifesto sets out what needs to be done. It is affordable and can be delivered in just 12 years. It will offer independence, health and mobility for all of us. Every street can be a cycling street, linked by 200 miles of Cycling Freeways and Quietways.

Sign the petition to ask that our Mayor and councils take five clear and immediate actions to make it happen:

  1. Set a Target to quadruple cycling to 20% of all travel by 2025
  2. Fix a Plan to deliver a comprehensive cycling network by 2025
  3. Commit Investment to deliver the plan at £16 per person each year
  4. Implement the plan through a multi-skilled team for action across all areas
  5. Engage an inspirational Cycling Commissioner to lead the transformation

Sign the petition to tell the Mayor and local politicians that you want the Freedom to Ride!

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